Why Grow a Patio Garden

Even if you live in the city, you can still enjoy the benefits of growing your own fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the limited space that you have. Apartment dwellers and homeowners who have little or no backyard to speak of can take advantage of an outdoor patio to create a garden sanctuary designed for any number of purposes. Perhaps you want a bit of extended living space or maybe you have a green thumb that is just itching to show what it can do?

Making the most of the small space you have is as simple as combining a few clever gardening techniques and strategies to meet your expectations. Your patio garden plan might include the use of vertical gardening, raised bed gardening, and container gardening. Each of these techniques is a successful way to garden in confined or small areas. But why bother going through the effort to create a patio garden in the first place?

There are so many wonderful benefits that you can derive from the simple planning of a patio garden. It really only makes sense to do so. Just take a look and see.

Patio Gardens Create Extra Living Space

One of the experiences that you might be going through is that you have outgrown your home, apartment, or condo. Although it seems as though you are going to have plenty of space when you move in, quite often, you outgrow that interior space rather quickly. Designing an outdoor patio garden is a simple yet effective strategy for extending your living space to the outdoors.

How you decide to use that outside space is up to you, but however that is, you gain extra living space that you wouldn’t otherwise have. When designing your patio garden, you should keep in mind your primary purpose (beside the fact that you want and need more room to enjoy life) and design your garden around that focal point. One of the options you have is to create a multi-purpose space where you can sit down and relax while enjoying a good book, sit at a table and enjoy a meal garnished with freshly-grown herbs, and entertain family and friends with a short stroll around your private garden.

Patio Gardens Hide Eyesores

Just because you have a patio, it does not mean that you have an attractive one or a gorgeous view. Creating a patio garden can be a perfect strategy for improving your view by hiding eyesores behind attractive plants and planters. You can use a variety of ground-level planters to hide imperfections in the patio floor while using vertical gardening techniques to hide unsightly places higher up.

Patio Gardens Create Relaxing Environments

Designing a patio garden for a relaxing environment to unwind in is one of the best reasons for doing so. All too often, people today spend their days running from one task to the next without even having time to take a breather so they can sit down and relax. However, when you design your patio as a secret getaway, a sort of private sanctuary, then you have good reason to simply sit and relax without worrying about the list of unfinished errands or tomorrow’s to-do list. In addition to your plants, you might want to consider adding a small fountain or attractive wind chimes. The can add to the relaxing aura of your garden sanctuary. The dulcet sounds emitted from either of these will add to the beauty of your plants and the décor of your patio garden.

Patios Create Spaces to Garden

Gardening can be a relaxing hobby that gets you out into the sunshine for a chance at some fresh air. Even in the city, it is nice to go outdoors and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on your face while breathing in nearby scents. Just imagine how nice it will be to breathe in the freshness of your personal garden plants!

The patio can be used to create a convenient space for a garden when you have a small yard or live in an apartment or condo. It is convenient because it is typically right outside one of your doors. For those of you who live in the city but enjoy the outdoors, a patio can give you the chance to create your own little getaway filled with colorful plants, decorative containers, and the scents that only Mother Nature can provide.

When you garden, you can enjoy the company of friends and family or you can do it on your own. Either way, you can enjoy a few relaxing moments each day along with the satisfaction that comes from watching plants grow. Patio gardens are great for growing herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. If you are new to gardening, you might want to start out on a small scale by selecting just a few varieties of plants and seeing how well you do. Simply create a garden plan, select your plants, and get started. You can focus on one specific type of gardening or incorporate several styles.

Patio Gardens are Places to Entertain

A patio garden provides an attractive place to entertain guests. Whether you are into relaxing in an outdoor hot tub or enjoy grilling up a tasty barbecue dinner, the patio garden is the perfect scenario. The style of furniture you purchase depends on the type of entertaining that you intend to do.

If you choose barbecuing, then your focus is going to be on a table, chairs, and a grill. The plants that you include in your garden might include common vegetables found at many outdoor barbecue functions. This can include peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and a pleasant variety of herbs.

If you prefer to do your entertaining from the comfort of a hot tub, then your garden might have a bit more focus on plants that can act as a bit of a deterrent to insects due to their scent. This typically includes a variety of pungent herbs and flowers.

One of the nicest facets to outdoor entertaining is the focus on lush foliage that is attractive and soothing. From the bright colors of the plants to the fresh scents emanating from them, your guests can enjoy a taste of the beautiful outdoors in a relaxed setting.

Grow Fresh Food or Small Kitchen Garden

Since your patio is often used for outdoor dining anyway, it only seems natural to design a small kitchen garden there. This type of garden can be used to provide your kitchen with fresh herbs, tomatoes, and a sprinkling of other vegetables and fruits throughout the growing season. You will cut down on your grocery expenses while enjoying the fresh flavor of homegrown produce.

A well-planned patio garden can provide you with a variety of herbs, vegetables, or fruits despite the fact that you only have a small space to use. One of the benefits of having only a small area to grow in is the fact that you never become overwhelmed as you can when planting in a large plot. Grow just what you need of each type of herb, vegetable, or fruit to sustain your kitchen. Add in a few flowers to attract beneficial insects and provide extra color to the area.

You do not need to worry over the fact that you are relying on containers for some or all of your patio gardening either. Container growing offers the advantages of being able to move your plants around for more or less sun as well as being able to provide extra drainage if needed. In fact, container gardening is often more controlled than plot gardening so you have an easier time of providing pest and disease control.

No matter what the reason is behind your decision to create a patio garden of your own, once you get started, you are sure to discover many more benefits. Get started today and bring your indoors outdoors for a fine taste of sunshine and freshly-grown produce.

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